You could be liable for your parent's long term care. It's a whole new world of health care these days. If you've been in denial about having the talk between adult children and retired parents, or about the need to consider long-term care, this denial may cost you big time. Read more..

Weighing the alternatives for long term care (WSJ): Long-term-care insurance is the financial equivalent of gum surgery: something that is often seemingly necessary, but just as often avoided at all costs. Now, to add to its unpopularity, soaring prices are prompting consumers to rethink how much coverage they need and to experiment with other types of policies. Read more

Long term care: Ignore it at your own peril (Money WatchPlanning for a retirement that can last 20 or 30 years is an ambitious task. You need  reliable sources of retirement income that will cover your living expenses for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live, making sure you factor in future inflation, too. If you've done a good job with this difficult task, congratulations! But you're not finished yet. There's one more step to this task: Protect your good plans from getting blown up by potentially ruinous long-term care expenses.  Read more…

Kiplinger Long Term Care Pro's and con's: A comprehensive long-term care policy is the best defense against the cost of a catastrophic illness and will preserve assets you want to leave to your children.  Read more

Caring for your parents. When it comes to caring for elderly parents, there are a number of options out there. Your first decision is where your parent will live – in his or her own home, with you, or in an elder care facility. If you choose elder care, your choices extend to adult day care, home care, independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing care.  Read more

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