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Long Term Care Real Life Examples

The following are examples of how long term care/extended care coverage helped protect people and the family's assets while covering the cost of care for several years: Famale purchased a policy at age 43: Annual premium of $1,800 Claim began three years later and has continued for 12 years $1.2 million in benefits paid Male… Read more »

Extended Care as an Employee Benefit

With all of the changes surrounding Health Care Reform, many employers are dropping spousal coverage, changing plans to reduce costs, or simply eliminating health insurance from their employee benefits. As a way to offer a benefit and stay competitive, many employers are considering long term care/extended care as an employee benefit. The need for this… Read more »

Do you think you might need long term care?

What is Long Term Care?  It is extended care called custodial or non-medical care.  It is not paid for through health insurance because it is care that you need to live your life on a daily basis and not care provided by a medical professional.  You can require this care for a long time after a medical… Read more »

Alta Vista Benefits, LLC launches a new web site

Alta Vista Benefits just launched a new web site to address issues around extended care or long term care. Many people are unaware that health insurance does not address the need for extended care. It is also not well known that it is really important to have a plan for long term care. Why not… Read more »

Can’t find your agent.

I have had a lot of calls recently from people saying “I can’t find my agent” or “My agent won’t return my calls”. Alta Vista Benefits, LLC is waiting for your call. Our response is generally within 2 hours and at the latest 24 hours from your message.

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